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They say music is the ultimate naked expression of human existence. Well, a live performance by any of the these two musicians will make you feel relieved of all the troubles of the world and become whole again

Beautiful and talented Swiga is storming the scenery as a female singer, songwriter and live performing artiste conversant with different genres that she blends to bring about her unique sound. Her performances are graced with sheer candid expression of emotions commanding the stage with her powerhouse soulful voice in breathtaking performances. She is an unforgettable experience


Click HERE to download Butterflies, her latest single.

Connect and contact her on Facebook(Swiga_Swiga), Twitter (@Swiga_Swiga) and Instagram (@Swiga_Swiga). Her YouTube channel is Swiga Martine.

The multi talented Kysh is a dancer, musician and Kisumu’s best live performer. His latest single The  world is mine is his fifth single after previous hits such as Eyesore, Right now ft Ujoc C, Gimmie Gimmie and Free. The World is Mine shows a different and more energetic Kysh that people don’t know about. With this release, Kysh hopes to score major endorsement deals.

The world is mine4

Click HERE to listen to his latest song “The world is mine” and watch it’s trailer HERE

Connect and contact him on Facebook(Kysh), Twitter (@KyshOfficial) and Instagram (@KyshOfficial). His YouTube channel is Kysh Official

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