Young and beautiful: Meet our 18 year old print model

Our guest model goes by the name Adhiambo Oyier, a third born in a family of four residing in Kisumu City. A former student at Moi Girls Eldoret and now a comrade at Kisii University. she is an all round model but prefers to be a print model. We sort to know more about her and her print modeling career. Here is what she told us

Who is Adhiambo Oyier?

I’m the third born in a family of four (two boys and two girls). I’m a print model based in Kisumu registered under Miss Pretty Models Africa. My height was the main reason why i went into print modeling. I’m quite short, about 5’4”

What exactly is print modeling?

Print modeling is the type that features models in print form: magazines, newspapers, billboards,; it involves depicting a range of daily activities and focuses on personality so that the model relates with the audience in their various lifestyles.

AdhiamboOyier7    AdhiamboOyier8

You look so young. How old are you?

I’m 18 years old. I might be young but I have a very mature attitude. People who meet me actually think I’m about 21 which is a plus for me.

When did you start modeling?

I started early this year

Who influenced you to be a model?

I was influenced by two people. The first was @sizlopic. Sizlo is so creative and his pics so cool I felt I wanted to feature there(my dreams came true recently when he featured me). Actually he signed me up immediately he met me. He said something about me having big eyes and attitude which he looks for in a photo. My second influence came from peer influence and encouragement. When I joined campus people started asking me whether I was a model and when I told them I wasn’t they were shocked. so with time, i got into modeling.

If not a model, what would you wish to be?

I bet you’ll be surprised at my career choice. I want to be a programmer. Well, I already am, a certified website designer and mobile apps developer. Currently pursuing B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science

So between programming and modeling, which one will you major in?

I plan to take modeling as a side hustle. It’s because models have their seasons and with programming I can be the world’s next Ada Lovelace

Which music can you listen to on replay?

‘Centuries’ by fall out boy any day anytime.I’m into all types of genres but I mainly listen mainly to hip hop and pop music

Who’s your role model?

My role model is my elder brother Emmanuel Oyier of KMET. He’s the real definition of a self driven person, with such a wide variety of skills that I think the phrase Jack of all trades will soon change to “Emma of all trades”

Parting shot?

Together with a friend we have formed Cognition IT Solutions and we do all kinds of programming. We are very passionate about what we do. I have this dream that In a few short years I’ll named Kenya’s youngest female CEO

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