Word on ground zero (Kisumu County)

The arts and culture fraternity in Kisumu County is an angry lot. Apparently, they are not happy with the allocation of a paltry Sh 6 M to the industry in the 2016/17 county budget. What is more annoying to them is that the 6 M will be used to construct a perimeter fence at Kanyakwar Cultural Center and nothing left for talent development. They have now been left wondering how the budget committee arrived at Sh 20 M to build 10 boda boda sheds in the same budget.

Still in the arts and culture industry, some models who participated in the recently concluded Mr and Miss Maseno University are silently crying foul over the caliber of judgements in the event. Most models who confided in KenyaWest.co.ke said that they were not happy with the results by the judges. They claim that the judges, who were students, favoured their friends rather than merit and talent.

Were the judges in the Miss Tourism pageant sub-county auditions shortchanged by the County Government of Kisumu? Well, word on ground zero has learnt that the department of tourism underpaid the judges after fully exploiting their potential. Our investigations also found out that a senior officer in the department of tourism and a contracted judge for the final Miss Tourism event pocketed most of the cash meant for the event.

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