Why Ranguma Losing 2017 Elections Is Less Difficult To Understand Than How He ‘Won’ The First Term

He was pushed to the party’s nomination as a result of organized violence. His election was a quirk, rather than something earned. Any ODM member who gained the nomination was likely ensured the governorship.

Devolution was also a new phenomenon in the country, however the people have now seen how devolution has transformed other Counties in Kenya and will not like to be left behind (Read Kenya and Singapore comparison stories)

Nothing Ranguma promised has been accomplished. Interestingly, much of what he does have added to the county’s problems. What people have seen is nothing like what they were promised or imagined.

What was a tabula rasa upon which to imagine a Ranguma government now is a full-blown portrait filled with failure, warts, and scars.

Failure to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to the common man.

Ranguma has mortgaged the county’s future with his unnecessary overspending.

Failure to address youth unemployment and insecurity in the county.

Failure to attract investors to revive the forgotten industries.

Failure to address perennial flooding that continues to take away lives of powerless residents.

Failure to address corruption and mismanagement of funds in the County.

Failure to address the issue of garbage collection and waste management.

Failure to automate and digitize collection of revenue in the county.

More people are still unemployed.

The county is even deeper in debt, now totaling a frightening figure of over 3 Billion shillings.

Ranguma’s foreign investment policy has left Kisumu, if anything, weaker and less attractive to investors.

Ranguma, who four years ago promised such a transformative leadership has plainly failed.

Kisumu County still has one of the highest infant death rates in Kenya which stands at over 130 per 1,000 births annually.

Ranguma has alienated too many in the electorate, including large numbers who supported him in the last elections.

In 2017, many will vote against him or (even better) just stay home.

This is Kisumu’s greatest challenge, and her future strength hangs on making the rational choices she dodged in the previous Election.

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