Vybez Awards, a success or a flop?

Just to put you in the know of what we are about to expose, Vybez Awards is a yearly event aimed at motivating and nurturing upcoming talent in Kisumu. It is the premier event rewarding Kisumu based artistes, only rivaled by Kisumu Teeniez Choice Awards (KTCA), the newest kid on the block. The Awards is run by two crucial people, Alex and Jefferson with a host of many supporting cast who include Kenlewis among others This years red carpet event took place on Saturday 19th December at Tuff Foam Mall where the guest artist was Amileena.

Our blog, KenyaWest.co.ke, put up an opinion piece by a fierce critic of Kisumu’s entertainment industry, Crisyy Cris Gman, written only a day before the event. We therefore had to send our under cover blogger to the red carpet event for us to get the first hand experience of what all this hullabaloo was about. She took pictures, talked to nominees, winners and some participants. Apart from that we also noted some comments on social media attributed to the event.

The organizers of any event which recognizes the hard work done by artistes in Kisumu must be congratulated and encouraged. It is no mean feat to organize a successful event such as Vybez Awards or KTCA. Our undercover blogger observed that Kisumu people know and love their musicians which is a good thing. Those who attended the event appreciated their performance and even sang along to most of their songs. There were performances by Dali Viq,Beat ya Mavo, Kysh, Nahna among many other musicians. She also observed that there were no complains on the list of winners from both the nominees and participants. That said, the organizers must also accept criticism from all quarters. This is the only way to make the events live up to the standards expected of them.

The 2015 Vybez Awards had everything to perfection, except the attendance. A look at the attendees showed almost all were Kisumu based musicians or their friends. No new faces, only the same old ones who grace every entertainment event in Kisumu. This can only mean that there was poor publicity on the part of the organizers. Updating your Facebook status does not mean everyone who reads it will attend the event. This is cheap and not thinking outside the box. Furthermore, why did the organizers choose Tuff Foam Mall as the venue and not a popular club or hotel in Kisumu? The crowd could have been bigger had they chosen this route. Apart from the trophies, was there any price money? Was it appreciated by the artistes?

Some people took to their social media accounts to express the high and lows of the event. We sampled some of them

Jamal Maliquedali and nahna made my night…. great performance

Elizabeth Winnie “Kenya West, as a blogger you should make an effort to attend the events and write what you see and not depend on rumours hehehe”

Maurice Ryan I’m not on Vybez side but I think they’re doing something just improvements kiasi”

Tuzo la Teeniz The performance was great turnout was poor marketing strategy was not OK I guess its because of Kisumu artiste politics .don’t put our name.Kisumu people hate reality”

Vicmass Luodollar That was dope,i loved It every bit”

Dawe Dawe “It was great kwanza Hio track #Bank_Otuch”

June Rapsha No comment coz it flopped interms of audience coz of politics of Ksm artiste and amelina didn’t please ksm artiste. The input was not equal to output. It was a success in terms of happening but it flopped of audience”

Elizabeth WinnieThe event was a HuGE success and everyone knows, June Rapsha, is only crying out for attention so i suggest yall dont give it to him. He is a coward, a cry baby knows nothing.”

Maurice RyanIt’s Nnanha time guys accept n move on”

Oye Wololoo MatataMildred i agree with you to some xtent, the event was very successfull and vybez awards was fully sponsored event, so there was no loss even a coin and Ameleena had so much love from ksm, seriously lets not hate fr no reason”

Elizabeth Winnie “No, yall are attention seekers seeking for cheap publicity, i was doing my duty on stage n observed every bit, was it a flop for you coz u were not the official photographer Crissy criss,, ofcos its a flop for june since last yr when Xpat won artist of the year, soo for him since then vybez is a flop, its Nahnas time, embrace it, accept n move on. June i believe sai unafaa unakula 100k za roadshow kose? Stop seeking cheap cowardly attention”

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