Tuff Gung Music Group Taking Kisumu Over-Seas

After months of establishing themselves in the local industry, Tuff Gung music group has managed to withstand all odds to become one of the most promising music groups in the country. After their hit single Luanda Magere which brought the group to the lime lights, the group  is currently having one of the best video works ever done in Kisumu city.

The group leader and manager Elly says it has taken the group a lot of hard work and dedication to get where they are since the group basically has no sponsors or any source of funding whatsoever. He also recognized Rayez Musique of Strict Bizzo Entertainment and Hittites Music for the great journey that has seen them accomplish so much.

With achievements like a collaborating with a rapper from Boston,U.S.A to give us the much needed global connection, Tuff Gung fans should expect bigger collaborations and better videos from their new superstars.

“We made a promise to our self when we started that we want to bring a new music and entertainment scene in Kenya with the help of other artists in Kisumu who have seen the bigger picture of our local industry “

” With our video out there all we need is our local fans in Kisumu and all over the world to recognize our potential and accept us as one of their own” he said. He also added that making it as an artist is not only hard in Kisumu but everywhere in the world. He went a head to urge Kisumu artists to come together and work on bigger projects.

Tuff Gung Music Group so far has 12 songs and you can follow the links provided to see exactly what they have. For now, help us rate their latest video (Love me) by clicking on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh6ekWIE8IY

Tuff gung Love me
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