This Twerk Video Has Been Banned In Tanzania, Watch It Before Kenya Does The Same

Tanzanian singer, Snura Mushi may well be on her way to breaking the internet with her latest music video titled ‘Chura Dance’.

Despite having no scenes of nudity and other visual indecency, the music video is causing an uproar in her country and has been criticized by the government on moral grounds.

Shot and directed by ‘Pablo‘, the women twerking in the video are decently dressed in the usual Tanzanian women garb, but the ease and expertise at which they moved big derrieres is quite amazing.

The music video has since been banned by the Tanzanian ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports on grounds of it being too ratchet.

Terms such as ‘erotic’, ‘sexually charged’, ‘explicit’ and other such words were used to describe the video which shows a group of women twerking their hearts out at a beach.

Watch the music video below.

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