Take a look at these amazingly beautiful photos of the futuristic Kibuye Market

Don’t pay attention to  the propaganda being peddled around by some bloggers and gubernatorial hopefuls on how some unnamed people are behind the Kibuye fires. They are the same people who were opposing the relocation of traders from the now defunct Oile Market. Everyone, including them, is now appreciating the beautification exercise done by the County Government at the former market.

The proposed postmodern Kibuye Market is set to be a game changer. Those complaining should know that after completion, the expansive new market will be a three storey building with ample parking and more than enough space for traders. In fact, it will be able to accommodate thrice the number of traders current occupying the open air market.

The new market will also make the dream of a 24 hour economy a reality. Whether it shines or pours, traders will still be able to go on with their activities unhindered unlike the current situation. The derivative advantage of this is that the market can operate at full capacity all year round compared to the current situation where it only peaks on Sundays.

Those are just but a few of the many advantages traders and residents stand to gain from the new market. Residents therefore have more than enough reasons to support the County Government of Kisumu on this nobble project.

Joshua Odhiambo Nyamori has written a more detailed and very informative piece about the many complex litany of problems facing Kibuye Market. Take your time, read it and be informed.

Here are the photos of the future Kibuye Market (Click photo for full view)

Kibuye Market Plan    Kibuye Market Plan

Kibuye Market Plan    Kibuye Market Plan

Kibuye Market Plan      Kibuye Market Plan

Kibuye Market Plan

Photo credit: Joshua Odhiambo

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