Stop squabbling and register new voters, Odinga tells ODM officials

CORD Leader  Raila Odinga  has told off ODM officials  not  willing to cooperate  with their colleagues in the ongoing voter registration exercise. Mr Odinga said all elected ODM MPs and MCAs should work closely with Governors   and Senators in spearheading the exercise which according to him was still below target in opposition strongholds.

Speaking  at Oyugis town when he and Governor Cyprian  Awiti attended a funds drive  for  women traders, Mr  Odinga  cautioned  against  political bickering over the just concluded party elections.

“I want to see an end  to all these bickering  over party positions because we have  a bigger battle  of mobilizing our  people   to register  as voters  ahead of the 2017 elections,” said Odinga.

“I don’t  want be a general  without soldiers. To qualify as my soldier, you must be armed with IDs and be a registered voter,” he added.

Odinga  asked  Governor  Awiti to take  a leading role in supervising the  voter registration campaign in Homa Bay  County and  give him regular progress reports.  Awiti  who had  arrived  with Mr  Odinga  from Kisii  where they had attended the Kisii Entrepreneurship Summit, said  he will ensure Homa Bay registers the highest number of voters in Nyanza.

“We have one big assignment of taking  Mr  Odinga to State  House. Our friends from the Rift valley are willing to join us but they want to ensure we have the votes to win the  Presidency. I have spoken to my friend Bomet Governor Isaac  Ruto.  He told me Kalenjins  have no problem with Raila and would support him on the condition that we  register 3m voters,” said the governor.

Mr Awiti  called  for an end  to political wrangles in the county saying leaders should embrace tolerance.

The governor accused  a clique of leaders  whom he said  were  using the voter registration exercise to mudsling others.

“I have no problem with those salivating for my seat, including those  with no  proper leadership and education background.  But  they must stop peddling  rumours  to win favour  from the people,” said the  governor.

He told local residents to appreciate the development projects  the county government had  initiated across the county.

“When we said  we had plans  to install street lights  in Oyugis, some prophets  of doom said  it was hot air. Now, the street lights  are working. When we started tarmacking the  Kadongo-Gendia  road,  the same people  claimed we were lying.  Now, we have tarmacked 20km of  the 33km road,”  said  the governor

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