State to impose ‘sweetheart’ leaders on the Luhya community

Our attention has been drawn to reports in sections of the media alluding to some ruling that purports to sanction the removal of Bungoma Senator and Senate Minority Leader Moses Wetangula from the voters’ register.

It is not lost on us that this is only the latest in a series of such media reports whose singular and narrow import is to blackmail, intimidate and bully Senator Wetangula into submission.
At the manipulation of the State, State agencies have been hard at work leaking to the media documents they know would not otherwise stand a chance before any functional court of law. This is not the law at work. It is naked and raw politics at play!

Sitting in Bungoma High Court on September 30, 2013, High Court Judge Francis Gikonyo nullified Wetangula’s election as Bungoma Senator in what was designed to end Wetangula’s political career. This failed with Wetangula’s landslide win and defeat of the State-sponsored candidate in the by-election that followed.

Of course to the benefit of the detractors, Judge Gikonyo had also directed that the Ford Kenya Party Leader be investigated for possible engagement in electoral offences. Acting on the ruling, the DPP directed the Inspector General to commence investigations.

The DCI under Ndegwa Muhoro did indeed investigate the case and returned the verdict that “there was no evidence to charge Hon Wetangula.” Subsequently, the DPP ordered the DCI to close the investigations file and we have TV footage on this.

At what point was the investigations file reopened? Who ordered the reopening of the file? Why was it immediately after the Senate Minority Leader threatened to impeach the President?

The Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court have no police powers to initiate and order criminal investigations. That is the work of the DPP – who had actually closed the same file.
That illegal orders should be the subject of discussion is hugely suspect and smirks of a wider conspiracy to end Senator Wetangula political future.

We read in this a plan by the State to impose ‘sweetheart’ leaders on the Luhya Community – which had demonstrated tremendous confidence in Moses Wetangula with his landslide re-election as Bungoma Senator.

The threats are meant to destabilise Senator Wetangula as a national leader and destabilise Cord as a Coalition.

We therefore condemn in the strongest terms possible the relentless crusade against Senator Wetangula and dismiss the news reports as no more than a campaign of hate and vendetta against a leader who has been steadfast against corruption and executive incompetence.

It is naked politics aimed at silencing the Ford Kenya Party Leader in the face of massive corruption that not only enjoys official protection but also the sanction of Statehouse.

The days when courts would convene in Kangaroo sittings in the dead of the night to decide the fate of Government critics are long gone. It should worry every Kenyan of goodwill that five years after we passed a new constitution, the days when previous regimes used courts and State agencies to settle political scores are slowly but steadily creeping back into the Jubilee regime.

As a Coalition, we will not sit and watch Jubilee intimidate our leaders. We will not watch as the Executive uses State machinery to impose their favourite leaders on the Luhya Community.
We demand nothing but respect as elected leaders and warn that underhand political machinations by the Executive will not in any way stop our leaders from carrying out that mandate for which they were elected.

We wish to reassure our supporters and party faithful that all this is hearsay, rumour and bar-talk and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.



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