Siaya County First Lady to Launch projects for the County

The launch of the 3 projects is slated for Tuesday April 5, 2016 at Siaya Municipal Stadium at 9.00am.


Special programmes are undertaken by the Office of the First Lady County Government of Siaya to enable the county realize the following objectives
1. To promote health and improve living conditions of members of the county through designing and implementation of relevant, appropriate and high impact program at the county by 2018.
2. To provide comprehensive and adequate response to Sexual and Gender based Violence (SGBV) that includes early marriages.
3. To advocate for allocation of resources towards Agribusiness and investments opportunities at all levels with concentration at the grassroots level
4. to build an effective,efficient and sustainable non political institution with a strong advocacy agenda for the needs of the vulnerable in the society

Activities covered include:

AMPPAD project was launched by First Lady of Siaya County in 2014, the Program reached out to 17,000 school girls out of about 120,000 girls in both girls in primary and secondary schools in the County. This program is supposed to reduce the number of girls missing classes and dropping from school due to their menses and also curb early marriages.

Book Harvest Bank

The Book Harvest Bank is an initiative by the First Lady to ensure that pupils, students and greater community accesses books with current information ranging from curriculum based to motivational books. This initiative seeks book donation from the communities, public and private entities, local and in situ. This initiative is to encourage a reading culture among the members of the public, students and pupils within the County.

Mama – Toto – Package
The Mama-Toto package initiative by the First Lady is to help reduce the mortality rates experienced within the County by mothers delivering out of hospitals. In order to encourage mothers to deliver in the numerous health facilities in the County, the Mama-Toto package is to be gifted to all the women delivering in hospitals

In order to sustain the above mentioned projects, there is need for donations or contributions of the various items which can be packaged and given to their intended recipients

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