Sally Kabambe opens up on her modeling career

Kabambe Salome aka Sally Kabambe is a 24 year old stunningly beautiful and talented model. A true representation of beauty and brains. If you don’t believe me, take a look at her photos (Team mafisi should feel free to download them). She is a former student at Egerton University in Nakuru. She is not only talented and beautiful but also has a big heart and sometimes does modeling and photo shoots for charity. We got a chance to interview her about her carrier and future plans. Here is what she told us.

When did you start modeling?
Initially I was into fashion and designing but things changed. Not long ago, I thought of shifting to modeling and here I am, a model. People tell me I’m good but I try. I want to be the best around.

Have you won any awards yet?
I’m new in this field and haven’t participated in any major modeling competitions. So I haven’t won any awards yet. But I’m in the near future the awards will start flowing in

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Do you take modeling as your side hustle or is it more than that?
Right now I’m fully dedicated to modeling and I have embraced it as my full time profession. But this doesn’t mean that I will throw away all the knowledge I got from Egerton University. If I get a job in the field I studied for, I will be forced to do modeling as a side hustle

Whom do you look up to in life?
I really adore my mum. She is my role model because she taught me how to survive in the toughest of moments. She always tells me to never give up in my struggles. I am and will always be thankful for the strong foundation she built for me. In my modeling career, I adore and envy Nykor (Nyakueinyang)

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Tell me more about your photo shoots for charity
I do modeling for Miss Pretty Models Africa which runs Elimwa Children’s Home in Nakuru. We do outdoor photo shoots in different places around the country and internationally. We invite different people for photo shoots at an affordable fee to raise enough money to help the Children’s’ home.
We also do photography of individuals, couples, events such as weddings, graduation etc. Anytime someone needs some good photos and videos our agency is always ready for the client all u need to do is communicate with our professional photographer and manager Victor Awili on 0700190507

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