Ranguma Faces Backlash From Kisumu Artists After Police Violently Disrupt Protest

Kisumu Artists made true their threat to hold a peaceful demo within the town to bring to light the neglect of the county’s arts and culture sector by the county government of Kisumu. The artists, appalled by the allocation of Sh 6 million to build a perimeter wall and nothing for talent development, held the demonstration on Wednesday in various parts of the town.

The demonstration turned ugly when police assisted by some hired goons violently disrupted the protest. The police, without any provocation, lobbed teargas at the demonstrating artists.

Winnie Wandera, an artist and one of the conveners of the #KisumuArtsUnderSiege protest did not have any kind words for the county government of Kisumu currently under the leadership of Jack Ranguma.

According to Winnie’s score card, Governor Ranguma has completely failed.

“As long as ‪#‎KisumuArtIsUnderSiege‬ and ‪#‎6millionwallisstillonthatbudget‬ I shall continue to be in this mood : grumpy, uncontrollable and nauseating to the children of the political lords,” she said.

Winnie said her only message is for the county government of Kisumu to review its budget. She  insisted she would never beg for handouts or praise anybody for a salary unlike some hired online personalities who besmirch Kisumu artists who were peacefully protesting.

Eddah Nyangasi, a musician commonly known as Needah also insisted that artists should be recognized by the county government. She said that as artists, they will never give up to make sure change has been realized in Kisumu’s art and culture industry through allocation of more funds for talent development.

Boniface Ogutu Akach, Ochieng Bam, Bovince Ochieng, and Brian Erastus who are also artists in Kisumu expressed same sentiments.

The artists have vowed to organize more demonstrations until the county government allocates some funds for talent development.

Here are some photos of the #KisumuArtsUnderSiege protest.






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