Person of interest: Sweesh the rapper

Derrcy: Why Sweesh Donche and what is your real name?

Sweesh: Sweesh was coined from a basketball vocabulary. I used to score without the ball touching the rim, making the net make a sweesh sound.Donche is just a nickname given to me by my hood friends and  music family in K-town (Kilifi). My real name is Simon Saro which I got baptized with some years back in Malindi.

Derrcy: What was your childhood like?

Sweesh: Growing up was full of hustling. Since my mum passed on, I had to go through a lot of challenges to be where am today. This life has taught me to always keep moving forward no matter the situation.

Derrcy: When did you start your music career and where are you based?

Sweesh: I Started writing music back in class five. I used to focus on gospel music since I had a strong Christianity background. I’m based in Kilifi town where my roots in rap lie.

swesh the rapper (2)Derrcy: Who is your role model?

Sweesh: I am my own role model but always hope to inspire other people.

Derrcy: What makes you different from other artists?

Sweesh: I am different coz always I display greatness while on stage? When I’m on stage, I feel high on the mic and go on to electrify and entertain the crowds. In shirt, I’m never boring on stage.

Derrcy: Who is your closest celebrity friend?

Sweesh: Wow that is ohm’s law Montana, who is Mombasa based rapper and spoken word guru. Montana has walked with me through my struggles in my music career and acted as source of inspiration to me in the rap industry.

Derrcy: Who is your producer?

Sweesh: I have not yet signed up to any producer  producer but will do so soon. Right now, I just work with any producer willing with great beats.

Derrcy: You had a deal with Mseto East Africa host Willy M Tuva, what was it about?

Sweesh: I always believe in taking it slow. So the deal is still on and we have been communicating. He is still finishing up on the deal which will help nurture me in the rap industry.

Derrcy: Being an upcoming rapper, which challenges are you facing in your career?

Sweesh: Finance has been the greatest challenge in my music career. Corruption also contributes a lot in stumbling success as sometimes you can do your best level expecting to gain only to realize your music is massively being pirated.

Derrcy: Any embarrassing moments?

Sweesh:  Recently at the Kibera Talent Search in Nairobi in one of the free style battles, I was embarrassed by rapper who had way better punchlines.

Derrcy: Final take

Sweesh: I take my fans to be my family because they steer me forward. Always have a dream in life and put God first in everything you do.

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