Person of interest: Cynthia Nyakundi

Cynthia Nyakundi is her government name though everyone calls her Cindy. Her greatest addiction is good food, ugali and nyama choma being her all time favourite ?. She loves eating though according to her, it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Clubbing is a no go zone for her so is drinking and smoking.

Cindy has plenty of role models but her mom comes first. She loves her mom for her charisma and the way makes fun of any disappointing or tough situation. Her second role model has to be Bey though she is struggling to achieve those body goals ??

Cynthia Nyakundi

Cindy’s hobbies include eating ??, listening to good music, practicing new dance moves. She is thinking to take a bold step and join the modeling industry but her shyness is the only thing holding her back.

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