Person of interest: Brenda Onyari, Miss Kisii County 2015

Brenda comes out as a focused and ambitious young lady with a soft spot for victims of sexual abuse in the community. In our interview, she opens up about her past, future plans and many more. Here is how it went down.

KenyaWest: Who is Brenda?

Brenda: Brenda Onyari is a 19 year old professional model, a passion I developed in 2014 but went professional in 2015. I’m also a student at Mt. Kenya University’s  Law School.

KenyaWest: Which pageants have you participated in?

Brenda: I was a participant in Miss Tourism 2014 and Miss Kenya 2015. In 2015 I was crowned Miss Kisii County.

Brenda Onyari, Miss Kisii County 2015
Caption: Brenda Onyari, Miss Kisii County 2015


KenyaWest: Who are your role models?

Brenda: To be honest, I have countless role models. I appreciate any model who is doing her thing well, both Kenyan and international.

KenyaWest: What challenges have you faced so far in modelling?

Brenda: I can say critics are the biggest challenge for any aspiring model. I have also faced the pressure to deliver and judgement by some people in the society who have a predetermined expectations for you.

KenyaWest: What are your future plans in modeling?

Brenda: I have plans to contest for this year’s Miss Tourism Kenya to be held in Vihiga County.

KenyaWest: Most beauty queens have charities. Do you have any?

Brenda: Actually, I’m looking forward to completing my strategic plan for Kisii County that I launched in 18th Dec 2015. The plan is mainly about sensitization of the society on sexual abuse. My aim is to give victims the courage to talk about it whenever it happens and advocating for hastening of such cases in court. I have also plans to source for funds to build a rescue center for sexually abused minors.

KenyaWest: Any advice to aspiring models?

Brenda: I would like to tell aspiring models to first have the passion, believe in themselves, find the opportunity and then start modeling. But they should also know it’s not all Glam in this industry. Humility goes a long way and it’s key to success in this industry.

Brenda Onyari, Miss Kisii County 2015


KenyaWest: What are your hobbies?

Brenda: I love traveling, making new friends and reading a lot of anything.

Connect with her on Instagram @queenbree

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