Person of interest: Alfred Odipo, fashion designer

KenyaWest: Who is Alfred Odipo?

Alfred: I’m a Kisumu based fashion designer  who has loved fashion ever since being young. However, my turning point was in 2010 when I decided to follow my dream. I believe am my own inspiration though I love learning a lot from people both young and old. Am also a video vixen, I was featured in the Siro music video by The Creative Band Kenya.

KenyaWest: Are you a student?

Alfred: Yes I am. I study at Maseno University (City Campus) pursuing a degree in International Relations (with I.T), though I differed the past semester due to personal reasons. I will be resuming classes when the next semester commences.

Alfred Odipo

KenyaWest: How would you rate Kisumu’s fashion industry?

Alfred: Fashion is dynamic and therefore I wouldn’t underrate Kisumu. I believe its a fast rising town in terms of fashion and personally I’m working so tirelessly to make sure that people here embrace it fully.

KenyaWest: Has any musician or model worn your designs?

Alfred: Yes. Nearly all top models in Kisumu have worn my designs from Derrick Lumumba, Brian Were, Evans Mbolo, Audrey Amonde, Yvonne Angela and many more. As for musicians, I have dressed The Creative Band Kenya in their Siro song. I also dressed Kysh together with his dancers in his latest hit “The world is Mine.”

KenyaWest: Which are some of your high moments in fashion?

Alfred: In last year’s Kisumu Fashion Week, my designs were rated the best and I had an interview with K24 Tv. That was a great inspiration for me. My designs have also been featured in the lifestyle section of the Daily Nation newspaper.

Alfred Odipo

KenyaWest: What are some of the challenges you have encountered?

Alfred: Major challenge I faced before being established was financial setbacks but with time things improved. Another challenge was trying to convince people in and around Kisumu to embrace fashion. It was quite a hustle but I’m happy many residents are now appreciating my designs and I’m now showcasing them in many shows. Another challenge that I face to date is getting good quality fabrics. There are specific fabrics that can only be found in Nairobi, so at times I have to travel all the way to purchase them.

KenyaWest: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 year’s?

Alfred: In the next 5 years, I not only want to see myself as a local designer but an Internationally recognized designer. By then, I hope I’ll have expanded my company and provide more employment opportunities to my fellow youth who have interest in the same field.

KenyaWest: What do you do in your free time?

Alfred: In my free time I love watching fashion programs or read fashion magazines. I also hang out with friends. I go for nature walks too. I also do movies and music.

Alfred Odipo7

KenyaWest: What’s your parting shot?

Alfred: “For you to be the Man, you have to beat the man”. Meaning,for you to be the best you have to outdo the best. This is my motto and is what drives me to achieve great things.

Connect with him on Instagram (@AlfredOdipo)

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