Pablo The Masterforce drops mic, quits music forever

In an unexpected move, sensational musician and mcee, Pablo The Masterforce Sorin has quit music and mceeing. This news comes only few weeks after featuring in Gabiro’s latest hit, a remix to Ujumbe. Could this be due to frustrations in the music industry? Time will tell.

This is what Pablo said in his Instagram account

“Dear Friends family fans and supporters. It always felt good entertaining you both as an mc and a performer. I Have always truly enjoyed that and interacting with you too but this morning i woke up with a made up mind. No More Music, No More Mceeing no more videos. ‪#‎UjumbeRemix‬ is the last you ever gona get from me hope y’all enjoy it.Thanks for the support you’ve always offered Me.And To All That I Promised Collabos , Sorry that couldn’t happen”

Here is the Ujumbe Remix video

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