Our Stand On The Kisumu County Government 2016/17 Proposed Budget

The County Government of Kisumu has released a budget of 2016/2017 where Ksm Art & Culture has been allocated Kshs 10M. Out of the Kshs 10M, the Ministry has projected to spend  Kshs 6M on building a perimeter wall at Kanyakwar Resource Center while the remaining Kshs 4M is projected to be used for renovating Nyakach Resource Center.

We have serious misgivings about this budgetary allocation and doubts about its ability to spur growth and job creation in the art and culture industry in the County.

Firstly, presenting a budget with a 10M for Art and Culture is not only insufficient but also a sign of economic irresponsibility. Kisumu County is recognized nationally and internationally as region that churns out the best talents in Kenya every year on Art, Culture and even in Sports.
It is illogical, implausible and almost impossible to think that the County can consider financing the construction of 20 boda boda shades over other Art related ventures like construction of an Art Center or School.

If the proposed budget is passed as is, it means that each boda boda shade shall be constructed at 500,000 shillings. This is ridiculous and amounts to mockery of the Kisumu Art Industry and an insult to all artistes in this county who work tirelessly to put the region in the national and international map.

We at Trusound Entertainment therefore wish to categorically state that we stand with the Kisumu Artists fraternity in calling upon the County Government of Kisumu to consider REVIEWING this proposed budget.

Consequently, we shall be joining all the artistes during the planned OCCUPY PROSPERITY HOUSE on 11 May, 2016 to push the Government to review this allocation.

It’s our belief that as much as boda boda operators contribute towards the county’s revenue and job creation, the resources the ARTISTES, TALENT MANAGERS, EVENT ORGANIZERS & ENTERTAINMENT HOUSES has invested towards the growth of the industry  is so enormous to be wished away.
It would be foolhardy for the county government to think that construction of these shades is more important than investing in talents and art industry.

May 6th 2016

Trusound Entertainment

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