Our Services and Advertising Rates

Kenyawest.co.ke is a regional online media and advertising company, with a focus
on news and information on politics, business, investing, real estate, cultural issues, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyles and society at large.

The quality services we offer include:-

Building a vibrant community

There is nothing we want more on social media like engagement and interaction. Watch your engagement soar! We attract eager prospects and promote your online content by connecting with ideal audience and publishing interactive content to our Western Kenya audience.

Amplify online visibility

Your timeline may seem enough but can you imagine what it would be like if you could just have someone who can shout a little bit louder about your content, magnify your brand awareness and enhance expert status, leading to more media attention, new opportunities, and profitable alliances.

Attract ideal clients

Our social media services help you gain the attention of targeted prospects who love and are inspired by your product, talent, aligned with your message, and interested in what you have to offer.

Gain a competitive edge

Competition is healthy in any aspect of life; it is the main reason why many will stand up and only the best and strong stand out. Put our creative social media agency to work for you and stand out among the noise. Differentiate yourself and let your content be seen and heard.

Save hours

We understand you need time to improve and generate more content and that is why we make it our mission to give you as much time as we handle your online promotion. No more guilt about not having the time to post. Outsource your Social Media Marketing to the experts so you can free up time to grow your talent and change the world.

Keep clean

Can you imagine what it would look like having your own timeline filled with promotional messages? Kenyawest.co.ke saves you the embarrassment by allowing your timeline to be neat and professional while having your content reach the target audience. Maintaining a good looking profile that will always attract more visits and easy comfortable interaction.

Why should I advertise on Kenyawest.co.ke?

Kenyawest.co.ke is a growing politics and entertainment news platform for those with interest in western region of Kenya. Every week, we post hundreds of high quality news reports. Kenyawest.co.ke has an active community with expert guest bloggers. Since August 2015, we have registered explosive growth; kenyawest.co.ke has quickly become an authoritative website in matters western Kenya, with thousands of likes, social shares and incoming links from high quality news websites.

We offer very competitive advertising rates. Contact us on info@kenyawest.co.ke for a copy

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