Otichilo’s candidature sends shock waves to Akaranga’s inner circle

There is a dark potent cloud hanging over besieged Vihiga County Governor Moses Akaranga. Political weather experts are sure that anytime from now, it will start pouring and when it pours, he should be ready for floods.

Lately, Vihiga County Government has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It started with the construction of mud houses for the elderly at exorbitant amounts, employing old and tired officers in senior positions in the county and the latest scandal involves building of the most expensive toilet in Kenya by some county officers.

Although the governor has not been directly implicated in these scandals, what surprises many is the casual way which he is dealing with the alleged corrupt officials. One can only conclude that he is a beneficiary of the corruption.

These alleged scandals are already enough political fodder for anyone wishing to discredit Akaranga’s leadership. One of the gubernatorial aspirants making use of this opportunity is Hon Wilberforce Otichilo, the current Emuhaya MP. His candidature for Vihiga County gubernatorial position is causing sleepless nights in Akaranga’s camp that is strategizing on his re-election. The panic is so much in Akaranga’s inner circle that it is being exhibited by some suspicious updates by the governor’s press team.

The frequent lopsided updates on Vihiga County’s facebook page is a clear indication of panic and clutching of straws by his aides. The updates began by communicating a meeting between Luanda MP and the governor. Pundits will conclude the MP is part of the scheme to split the vote rich Abanyore. Then there was the serialization of where some top county officials hail from, an attempt to try and appease the electorate in Hamisi sub-county. The latest update came out as the most disastrous. This was when the press team purported to communicate how Hon Otichilo was heckled in a public meeting attended by Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, Luanda MP, Kenneth Marende among other Vihiga County leadership.


What is interesting is all these are happening before the start of campaign proper. When vote searching begins, will Akaranga be able to wither the storm or should he start building an ark for himself?

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