Music Is My Passion – Ayreal

21 year old Ayreal (Real Name Jane Wambui Wangeci) has always been passionate about music since she was a little girl. She used to sing at any opportunity she could get but it was not until August 2015 that she went professional and recorded her first single.

“I can describe myself as an ambitious, diligent and conscientious lady.  I’m a go getter, such a hard working lady and I know I’m a role model to someone out there,” said Ayreal in our interview.ayreal


The Nairobi based afro-pop musician started off her career at First Class Studios but later joined Alka Production House where she is still a member. Her 3 songs True love, Siamini and Mziki ni dawa have been getting favourable airplay in radio and tv stations.

When asked who her role models are, Ayreal did not hesitate to mention Vivian as her all time role model.

“Vivian is my all time role model. I love her songs and her journey in the music industry inspires me a lot. I also admire the vocals and live performances of Venessa Mdee. One day I would be just like her,” she said.



Though a musician, you will be surprised to know that Ayreal is a very good dancer and one very talkative lady. She sometimes has thoughts of joining radio, where she thinks she can make an excellent radio presenter.

Ayreal confesses, “Two things I can’t live without are my phone and pink lipstick. I’ll literally go crazy if I can’t trace them.  Though I can’t live without those two but my silliest obsession still remains music.”ayreal__


Her biggest fear is losing the things or people she holds dear.

Her parting shot, “5 years from now, I’ll be one of the best female artists not only in East Africa but Africa”

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