Musalia Mudavadi Exposes Digital Rigging Plot by IEBC And Jubilee

It has come to our attention that the motions to rig the next general elections are rolling in an elaborate secret coordination between the IEBC secretariat and the Jubilee party. It involves brazen and heinous breaking of electoral laws and subverting of the Constitution.  The exhibited boldness and confidence of the execution can only be because of connivance of high echelons in Jubilee government, the National Registration Bureau (NRB) and IEBC.

For reasons we state below, ANC calls for investigation in the ministries that handle ICT and Registration of Persons and more so the role of Cabinet Secretaries Joe Mucheru and Joseph Nkaiserry, the Director of Immigration and Registration of Persons Major General (Rtd) Gordon Kihalangwa, the IEBC Secretariat especially the ICT department and the Registrar of Political Parties (RPP), Mrs. Lucy Ndung’u.

Jubilee Party’s launch of the SMART CARD and the timing of their countrywide membership registration is designed to coincide with the ongoing voter registration for an ulterior maneuver to connect Jubilee election rigging experts to the IEBC voters’ database and strategic technology infrastructure, NRB and RPP data through a software application interfaced using a short code 30553.

The software allows Jubilee ICT gurus access to manipulate IEBC, NRB and RPP data bases. It’s like the KENCALL deal of 2013. The manipulation ensures that the votes cast during Jubilee nominations will remain in the IEBC system and that’s what will be declared Jubilee winning votes plus some top ups to conceal the fraud. This why Jubilee is upbeat it will get 60% of the vote in August.

Our private investigations reveal that the multiple sharing of IDs is a consequence of this fraud. The insidious plot is that Jubilee ICT gurus working with hordes of ICT personnel in the background are picking registration details of Kenyans with uncollected ID cards from the Registrar of Persons, then proceed to the Registrar of Political Parties’ database to confirm they are not registered members of other parties then illegally enlist them as Jubilee members without their knowledge and smuggle the names into the IEBC records as registered voters also illegally without the victims’ knowledge. The same is being done to those with ID Cards but are not registered voters.

– Jubilee is not only committing a felony of impersonation, they are disentrancing millions of Kenyans constitutional right to vote a person of their choice given that 10 million of these illegally registered voters will fraudulently find their way in IEBC data base as having voted for Jubilee Presidential candidate in August.

For IEBC to have accepted to link their data base to Jubilee software they must have given out their Application Program Interface (API) which is the main borne of contention here. Is it legal to allow such access? Should other parties and stakeholders develop similar software will IEBC share the same API with them?

In addition to the above, the following questions require answers.

a)    Why did jubilee plan their membership recruitment to coincide with the ongoing mass voter registration?

b)    Why government institutions e.g. registrar of political parties and national registration bureau allow access to its crucial data by one political party?

c)    Why wasn’t the joint technical committee on ICT which has legal and oversight role on electoral  technology matters involved in approving the jubilee deal?

d)    Why hasn’t the IEBC, Registrar of political parties and National Registration bureau communicated to other competing parties about the API access?

It is mischievous that when Jubilee has bragged of being digital, their focus has been strictly on using ICT for executing political fraud and economic crimes. No wonder Jubilee has been very keen on combing the whole country to recruit and retain at all costs top ICT experts to execute electoral fraud on Kenyans.

The actions by IEBC, National Registration Bureau and the Registrar of Political Parties are not only discriminatory but also fraudulent as it is aimed at subverting the Constitution defrauding Kenyans their right to choose their leaders.


Godfrey Osotsi
Secretary General

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