“Modeling is my passion”, Jesca Adema

The reigning Miss World Kenya Bungoma County, Jesca Adema, is a 21 year old theatre arts and film technology student at Kenyatta University. She is in her fourth year of study. She is also a high fashion model, makeup artist and film set designer. She got into modeling in 2012 while in her first year at K.U. While at the university, she not only developed the passion she had for modeling but also improved her acting skills. She is a stage actress but switches to acting for film when need arises.

Her journey in modeling has never been that easy, especially when it comes to looking for opportunities. According to Jesca, many people think it’s always smooth sailing in the modeling industry but just like any other profession in Kenya, a model must be well connected to excel. It is quite a challenging industry according to her. She sometimes gets calls to grace events but the money agreed is either settled halfway or at times nothing is given.

Miss World Kenya Bungoma 2016 2

Jesca appreciates the massive gains and experience she got at the Miss World Kenya boot camp. Infact, she is already putting to practice what she learnt. She is sharing and loving more. She has also learnt the importance of every individual in life as we aspire to be of positive impact to the world.

As a budding film maker, Jesca is looking forward to starting a revolution to mobilize Kenyans to love their own content especially movies. This will be her main campaign as she fully ventures into the film industry.

Miss bungoma1

Though she has not directly worked with Bungoma County Government, Jesca appreciates the support the youth are being given by the county government. So far Governor Lusaka and other county government officials are supporting the youth through empowerment projects. An example is the one at Kimilili where investors from Sweden are funding various youth led projects to help them generate income.

She is optimistic that the county government will support her once she sends her proposal.

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