MMUST student leader, Winnie Nyandiga thoroughly embarrassed & schooled on twitter

By now you must have heard the name Winnie Nyandiga, the first ever female student leader (President) at Masinde Muliro University. Then there’s Gor Mahia diehard fan, football pundit and part-time blogger, Tom Bwana.

You also know Nick Mwendwa, the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President who immediately after being elected into office, appointed incompetent Stanley Okumbi as Harambee Stars Coach.

Okumbi then decided to say asante to Mwendwa by incorporating some Kariobangi Sharks players into Harambee Stars. Nick Mwendwa owns Kariobangi Sharks where Okumbi was once a coach.

On wednesday 23rd March 2016, Harambee Stars had a match against Guinea Bissau, a game they lost 1-0. It was a painful game to watch characterized by epic misses and blunders.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, from top football analysts, the likes of James Wokabi, Arnold Kanyang’onda, Chiko Lawi  to the ball boys, the Alais, Itumbis and Mutais, were all in agreement that Harambee Stars under-performed. All the blame was heaped on Okumbi and his technical bench for fielding some inexperienced players and fielding good players in wrong positions.

But Nyandiga thought otherwise. She felt irked by the scathing attacks by Tom Bwana on Okumbi, Nick Mwendwa, and the whole “not so technical bench”. Not able to hold back any longer, Nyandiga decided to confront Tom Bwana, a blunder per excellence.

Without wasting any time, Tom Bwana took Nyandiga, used her to mop the floor, then hang her out to dry. Here’s the thread of disses and counter-disses between the two.

It is now emerging that Coach Stanley Okumbi obtained his passport just weeks ago. Brother had never left Kenya. Exposure!

Get your facts right.He’s been Mathare United’s coach and has Nurtured players from slums to go abroad..

Get your grammar right. Why do you start ‘nurture’ in capital letter? Did you go to some school, even for a day?

Haha..Do not be lame…I know what I am talking about..

Don’t assume we also know what you’re talking about. Ok?

Ignorqnce will kill Kenyans..Don’t talk for the sake of talking… Thanks

It’s “ignorance”. Not “ignorqnce”.

Do not be lame. Cheap publicity kills Kenyans yet we never learn

Yea. And poor grammar kills too.

That is a non issue.We are not here for grammar Sir.But hey it is better than cheap talk.Ok Thanks

Who is ‘we’? Masinde Muliro college students?

University.Don’t take it personally sir.Let us have healthy,mature talks that build.

Masinde Muliro is a university? Pardon my ignorance. I had no idea. Absolutely none!

…and that is when Nyandiga went mute.

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