Meet Marta Mumbua, Your Favourite New Musician Of 2017

Marta Mumbua (also known as Matamu Music) is a 20 year old afro-pop musician based in Kisumu, who put her name on the map in 2016 after doing a Kamba rendition of Adele’s Hello, which swarmed all over social media sites.

If you haven’t seen it already, click on this link to watch the video on YouTube

Marta Mumbua
Marta Mumbua

I had a one on one with the beautiful, sassy musician who also happens to be a student at Maseno University taking a course in Development Studies and this is what she had to say.

So, where did Matamu start?

I have been a passionate singer from a young age. In fact I was brought up in a musical family. My maternal side had a family choir. I have constantly been working to develop my voice through my days in high school and now in the university. But it was not until 2016 that I went professional and recorded my first music, a Kamba rendition of Adele’s “Hello.” I followed it up with “Relate”, my second and latest release with a unique afro-house sound. Since I released the song in mid November 2016, it has been getting substantial airplay in the FM stations and downloads form the internet. I’m currently working with SBRS studio in Kisumu where Clastar “crazy monkey” is the producer.marta_mumbua


Is music a side hustle? Does it pay your bills?

I’m still fresh in this music industry but music has definitely helped me pay some of my bills. Right now I’m juggling between books and music since I’m still a student at Maseno University but with time music will definitely pay all my bills. Music still remains my number one passion.

Who are your favourite Kenyan and international musicians?

I listen to Dela a lot. I love her style coz it’s different and very unique. Internationally, Yemi Alade any day any time.



Which is the biggest challenge you face as a female musician?

For me the biggest challenge is that whenever I approach the big names in the music industry for a collabo or just simple mentorship, their expectation is always the same. They either want to date or sleep with me. It gets worse when they realize that I’m single. Most if not all budding female musicians go through this same problem. I would advice any upcoming female musician to not give up no matter the current situation the may be in. marta_mumbua_matamu_music


I must admit you have a very sexy body. Have you ever thought of being a model?

Never crossed my mind though few friends are of the same opinion. My previous manager joked that if music doesn’t work, I’d make a good socialite but I’m not into such stuff..

What’s your plan going forward?

I’m looking forward to doing an album with MOB studio in Nairobi. After that expect collabos and more media interviews from me. You can always know what I’m up to by liking my Facebook page (Matamu Music) or following me on Instagram (Matamumusic)

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