Massive mineral wealth present in Migori County

Migori County is blessed with mineral resources that are scattered within the county. Such minerals include Gold in Masara, Macalder, Masaba, Kehancha, Kitere, Kamwango (Rongo) and Migori. In addition, there are also gold deposits in Carlos mines in Kehancha and Prancis mines in the Kuria-Transmara border.

Equally, Copper Azarite and Silver is found in Macalder.

The exploration of these minerals at commercial levels has not been determined although currently individual and co-operative prospecting is being done on artisanal scale.

Gold was discovered in the Migori Gold belt in 1920 and by 1927 about 100 kg of gold had been recovered. In the 1930s there was renewed gold interest in the county with discovery of new gold deposits at Kehancha, Masara and Macalder.

Mining involved many companies that exploited relatively small, but rich reefs. By the time of the closure of the mines in 1966, a total of 4,284 kg of gold, 1,210 kg of silver and 20, 000 tonnes of copper had been recovered from this belt.

After large- scale mining operations came to a halt, shortly after Kenya‘s independence, artisan miners have been the sole producers of gold in the belt up to date. There’s a high level of income generated from gold.

The mining methods currently under use are both surface and underground. Surface mining involves both alluvial mining and mechanical mining such as open cast while underground mining involves supported and unsupported mining methods.

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