Maseno University’s i-fit wins 1st Edition of Freestyle Rap Battle in Kisumu

The much anticipated Freestyle Rap Battle finally happened in style at Makasembo Hall in Kisumu which saw over 15 artistes registered for the competition. The upcoming freestyle artistes came from Nyalenda, Migosi, Polyview, Obunga, Milimani and Sondu Mirui estates. The only university represented was Maseno.

In attendance were some of big names in Kisumu entertainment industry such as, June Rapsha, Joyner Mamake, The Creative Band Kenya, MC Steel, MC Tall, Dj Max, Achicho Dimples, DJ Blueprint, Rapper Warlord Magwawa, Punchlines, Zorey, Designer

The event started at a slow pace but by 3pm the hall was full of energy and electrifying performances by contestants and invited artistes. All artistes were given an opportunity to introduce themselves before being divided into two groups.

Three judges (Achicho Dimples, Punchlines and Zorey) who are also recording artistes, were at hand to ensure the rules of engagement were adhered to by the participants. The judges were assisted by two moderators, Master Karl (Street Breeze Records) and Warlord Magwawa.

The rap battles started at exactly 4pm with the DJ playing sound tracks as the contestants were going head to head with a chosen opponent, lyrically tearing into each other. The raw, unedited, uncut, and uncensored punch lines left the crowd ecstatic and constantly cheering.


By 5pm, a number of contestants had been eliminated leaving only five of the best among them (MBK from (Migosi), i-fit and King both from Maseno University, Swaleh from Obunga and ZJ from Polyview estate).

Master Karl recommended that all the five finalists be awarded the rap battle crown and also be allowed to record music as group. According to him, this would put Kisumu on a different platform having done something similar events don’t. His sentiments were echoed by Judge Achicho who added that it was pretty hard to decide who was the best among the five.

However, Warlord had a different opinion imploring on the need to get one and not five kings of rap battle, sentiments shared by Mc Elem, an invited recording artiste.

A decision was finally made and the five finalists were left to battle it out to get the best among them.

Each of the five threw their best lines in the battle but only King and I-Fit of Maseno University managed to make it to the final round where I-fit was crowned champion.

”I knew there was something about this boy the very first time I heard him rap”, remarked Achicho.

Part of Kisumu Entertainment players who attended the event.
Caption: Part of Kisumu Entertainment players who attended the event.


After the crowning ceremony, there was performances by 411 Society, Warlord Magwagwa, Boneless among others and also a soda & bread eating competition was done.

The key objectives of the event was to nurture talent among the youth, appreciate raw talent, promote creativity and give a platform to upcoming artistes.

Kisumu rap battle is an initiative of Trusound entertainment

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