Maendeleo Democratic Party to field candidates in 2017 general elections

Maendeleo Democratic Party of Kenya (MDP) was founded in 2007 by Mr. Hamisi Mukanda and others. It is 100% community movement, 100% community run, 100% community funded and 100% community influenced. MDP currently has one MP in Parliament Mr. Moses Malulu (Malava Constituency).

MDP is advocating for a fresh start in the governance of Kenya,a Kenya for all Kenyans not just the few

The party is already attracting candidates especially those who are sure of being rigged out during the nomination exercises of the mainstream political parties in Kenya such as ODM, JP, Wiper, ANC among others.

Some of the current MCAs and MPs in various parts of the country have already reached out to the party officials to kickstart their registration process..

MDP has candidates in the forthcoming Malindi and Kericho by-elections.

In Sabatia Constituency, Vihiga County, Mr. Charles Majani who is on an MDP ticket, plans to unsit the current MP, Alfred Agoi, who is an ANC member. Majani doubles up as MDP’s assistant national organizing secretary in charge of recruitment. He is causing jitters to the Agoi camp mainly due to the non-performance and absenteeism of the MP in Sabatia Constituency matters. Pundits are predicting a loss for Agoi in the 2017 general elections and a majority win for Charles Majani.

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