Lyrikali divulges why he is the best dancehall artist in Kisumu

He goes by the stage name Lyrikali which when loosely translated means “the one with hot lyrics”. He is the ruling  dancehall and reggae artist this side of Kenya and also doubles up a hype MC. Officially known as Antony Masitta, we had a sit down and this is what he had to say:

When did you know you can sing?

I discovered my talent way back in 2003 while in high school. However, I started singing and went mainstream in 2008.

How many songs do you have so far?

I have five collabos including “kama si sisi”, “usiwe mteja” and featured Juliani in one of my videos. My biggest hit so far is “penzi gani” produced by music industry giant Ulopa Ngoma. I’m yet to release an album.

What’s your opinion on Kisumu’s music industry?

Since time back there has been growth in Kisumu’s music industry though it has been a slow one. I’m hopeful that this year I will penetrate deeper into the mainstream media compared to last year.

Are mainstream media supporting Kisumu artists?

Actually, media has built other artists in other countries forgetting our own. Amount of time allocated to airplay of local music should be increased. Kisumu artists should also appreciate one another and end the constant squabbles.

Who are your role models?

I look up to DNG as an MC. However, musically I like Wyre and the late Esir

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Sometime back, I had to cut two inches of my dreadlocks when I broke up with my girlfriend. I did it for love.

What are your plans for this year?

This year I’m venturing into collabos with various artist to capture a larger audience. In the next few months let me say that Lyrikali will be a huge name many would love associate with.

You can watch Lyrikali’s “Miss Kisumu” video below


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