Luhyia Council of Elders Cut Links with Jubilee After Jacob Juma’s Assasination

Tension has engulfed Western Kenya following the brutal assassination of billionaire Jacob Juma earlier today.

The Luhyia Council of Elders (LCE) led by its chairman Patrick Wanga and secretariat member Julius Nyarotho, the elders asked the Jubilee government to give answers on who killed Juma and why.

The elders said it is obvious that Juma was assassinated by the senior person in government following his hard stance on the Eurobond heist.

Just like Sen Khalwale, the elders asked investigative authorities to investigate the people that Juma mentioned in his tweets when he eerily signalled that someone was after his life.

Speaking in Kakamega Golf Hotel, the elders vowed to cut links with the government unless they bring Juma’s killers to book.

In his tweets, Juma said that Deputy President William Ruto was out to assassinate him and that he had met hitmen to plan his elimination.

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