Luhya Leaders Auctioning Themselves Have Gone To Absurd Levels

Luhya leaders auctioning themselves have gone to absurd levels of becoming the laughing stock of the nation. Aware that FK leader Senator Moses Wetangula was negotiating a deal with Jubilee, New Ford Kenya rushed to dissolve into a non-existent Jubilee party. Faced with opposition from within and embarrassed, they now deny having dissolved. They then rushed for cover at state house to be welcomed to a party that is yet to be formed.

But the sly president was not fooled as he welcomed them to his “coalition.” According to PSCU “President Uhuru Kenyatta has welcomed New Ford Kenya party into his coalition and praised its leaders for making the “right” decision.”

The other comedians are Ababu and team. They have been abandoned like hot potatoes by their sponsor Deputy President William Ruto. Their cheap ploy to acquire cash has hit rock bottom and they have been left hanging high and dry after Ruto refused to cough Ksh 640 million, 50 million for Julia Ojiambo and 20 million each for LPK 32 NEC members in LPK buyoff. Now Ababu is scavenging around for whoever can fund the LPK conference to enthrone him as party leader.

That Ababu with his overrating himself will lose the sympathy and support of Luhya leaders is not in doubt. Many have told him in no uncertain terms that he needs to quickly join an existing Luhya based party with no links to either Jubilee or Cord, or find himself on the periphery as damaged goods.

The first salvo was thrown by Cyrus Jirongo who revealed how Ababu night-meeting scheming with Ruto to acquire LPK. Ababu has been close to Ruto throughout decade of ODM brand. He initially gravitated to Kalonzo Musyoka until Kalonzo took off with original the ODM-K in 2007. He then worked closely in ODM with Ruto in ODM leading to the infamous ODM scandal in 2009.

For Julia, her relationship with Ruto is one of a granny. Ruto was a casual in her office at the KICC secretariat in the 1990s where Jirongo fished him for his first shot at the murky tenderpreneurship business which he proudly proclaims hustling.

Since then, Ruto has never looked at a penny he didn’t want especially if its in the form of land. Ruto is so protective of his success he found it amusing to mock Jirongo at the funeral of late Soita Shitanda before a shocked multitude.

“Jirongo is jealous of me. He is wondering how I have leaped over him. I am telling him not to be angry with me, nikujipanga, bwana!”

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