KTCA CEO scoffs at disunity in Kisumu’s entertainment industry

This is the tough worded statement sent to us by the CEO of Kisumu Teeniez Choice Awards (KTCA), Mr. Henrick. Read it and let us know what you think.

Hi Kisumu artistes,

As we come to the close of 2015, you have to reflect on your musical journey at a personal level. Ask yourself the following;
1. How many shows and events have you performed in?
2. How many albums have you released and sold?
3. How has social media helped increase your fan base?
4. How many videos have you done?
5. Have you improved your relation with event organizers, fellow artist or your fans?
6. How accessible is your music to the fans?
7. Have you been paid any royalties or have you added any value to your performance fees?
8. Do you have any awards in your name?
9. What have you done to improve art around?
10. Have you mentored any uprising talent?

These are just few questions you should be asking yourself. For the months I have been around, I have learnt a lot and still learning. As the C.E.O KTCA, it’s my responsibility to point out a few issues affecting the art

Firstly, when it comes to awards and events, I would wish artistes and music stakeholders to embrace and support the award or event without taking sides whether you are selected to perform or not. Also attend these events. Invite your fans and market the poster as one chain. My dream is to see an event in Kisumu trending on all social media.

Secondly, some artistes are hypocrites. You pretend to love and support each other but at the same time you jealous of your friends work and achievements. As KTCA we treat everybody equally and I’m much humbled by the support you have given us so far. I would want to see unity among artistes (poets,models,musicians,comedians,dancers etc) and event organizers.

Thirdly, let’s all learn to be humble and prayerful because we need each other and God above all. I support and welcome more events like POETIC HOUR ,VYBEZ AWARDS which aim to unite and create a good rapport with fans. So come 2016, let’s welcome change and work hard. Let’s stretch beyond our limits. There is always room for change, improvement and forgiveness where we go wrong. And to those who are resistant to change, kindly hate with maturity and stop inboxing me nonsense. I’m always open to new ideas and constructive talk but not gossip.

Lastly, I wanna wish you a merry Xmas and a happy new year.

Thank you.


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