Know your model; Winfred Achieng Okal

When you are talented and top it up with ambition, the world will be yours for the taking. That is exactly what 20 year old Winfred Achieng Okal is planning to do. She does not posses only the beauty but also the brains. She has graced many events including, Made in Kisumu (One Vibe), Lakeside King and Queen Pageant,  and is now waiting for auditions of Miss Tourism Kisumu.

This professional model based in Kisumu is also taking a course in Public Relations at Kenya institute of management. The is despite her planning to make modeling her main career. Winfred’s role model in the modeling industry is none other than Naomi Campbell while her mother is the main role model in her life. The modeling industry in Kisumu faces a lot of challenges according to Winfred.


She says it’s very hard getting connections especially for the upcoming models. She goes on to add that sometimes models take to the catwalk to do shows and showcase designer clothes only to be told there’s no money for the work done. Winfred’s high moment is when she is with her family members and friends while she feels very low when sick or when she gets pissed

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