Kisumu artistes to boycott Diamond’s show

Kisumu artistes have sent the strongest warning yet on how they expect to be treated by other Kenyan or international artistes. This is after a meeting of over 30 Kisumu based artistes convened by Alex, who is the CEO of Vybez Awards.

The artistes aired their displeasure on how they are being demeaned by the organizers of Diamond’s show scheduled for 13th February. They were all to be subjected to auditions and only the best among them was to curtain raise for Diamond.

Alex, who is also an aspiring MCA supported the artistes in the fight against intimidation. “Our very able and capable artist cannot be subjected to audition nor be influenced to accept demeaning platforms. It is time Kisumu artiste be respected,” he added

Present at the meeting were Xpat Mkwanja, Willy Fololo, Needah, June Rapsha among other big names in Kisumu.

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