Kisumu artistes are being exploited

By Crisyy Cris Gman

Vybez Awards celebrates homegrown talent is contrary to action on ground
According to Gift Oj on Facebook (Social Media), Vybez Awards is just but a dead end to the music journey of persons with responsibility in creative arts that are involved in.

Evidence of the team making a decision of having events graphics publication material such as posters have Amileena represent the image of the event is a disrespect to the homegrown cultured art that has seen locals rise to become musicians and participate in creative arts.
It is an event for the local cultured talent and evidently their representation is minimal in shares and stake to the event, the poster communicates neglect of acknowledgement.
Possibilities of graphics publication having Kisumu’s own cultured artist would satisfy demands of the artist community in the region.
Cheap allowances to appreciate artists is what is in store for offer to the local talents by the award management. It has been the trend in Kisumu and Event organizers are aware and use this to the advantage of their business. “Put up a stage and set the sound at an event and you will have local Kisumu artists beg for a show.”

It is clearly evident that the saying is relevant and works to date.
Artist are desperate for such platforms and end up performing for the purposes of publicity, event “sovereignties” such as T-shirts and transport allowance.

The allowances are regularly floats of Kenyan currency ranging from 500 to 3,000 maximum.
Why do you think a promoter can pay Nairobi artist Ksh.80,000.00 and the same promoter acts like a conductor issuing change backstage while issuing Kisumu artists allowances for lunch and transport.
The problem is the event organizers and the artists but the solution is with the artist. If artist are awake and gang up for equity treatment in recognizing the efforts they make to get a record out on street and bring a performance, tables would turn for their favor.
Until then expect none of the changes.

Event organizers would not style up until provokes with a changed system of deal with artist which may be through performance contract forms by recording labels that have signed in artists or managers who manage artist to ensure that the economical remuneration rights of the artist are not violated or exploited at any chance or point.
Exploitation continues.

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