Kenya is at Loggerheads. Pray for Uhuru Kenyatta

Let’s face it. Tribalism aside. If you were Uhuru Kenyatta you would be a very worried man. I am very sure wherever UK is, he must be a very disappointed fellow. Imagine after five years in power,  the country is still deeply divided even much more than you found it.

On the wake of the sham election, two calls were made, one by Uhuru and the other by Raila with the latter calling for a total boycott of the elections. Consequently, only 33% of Kenyans turned up to vote, 67% boycotted terming the whole exercise a sham. Even the massaged 40% turnout doesn’t give the process any form of legitimacy. This must be very depressing to Uhuru Kenyatta.

Let’s assume the turnout is 40% as the DP puts it. This would worry anybody in power except maybe the arrogant DP himself.

By the way his deputy was so desperate and performed so poorly on CNN and Aljazeera. He was pushing a narrative that Prime Minister Raila Odinga sponsored militia to stop the repeat elections yet even a nursery school kid would tell you that the boycott was nationwide including Jubilee strongholds.

Political theatrics aside, Kenyans, both NASA and Jubilee, need to pray for the President and Kenya. After all he is Kenyan. Just by being a Kikuyu does not make him superhuman as his handlers and supporters want you to believe. He has been president for five good years. If he had a chance to read this opinion piece, I would have urged him to ignore his handlers and reach out to Raila for the sake of the Nation.

We have a nation to preserve and the responsibility is collective, both NASA and Jubilee. Your destiny is tied to fellow countrymen and women. Walking alone in this journey won’t be a wise move. Your insurance is your fellow citizen.

Writer is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London.

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