Is Vihiga County Covering Up The 2.5 B Debts By Threatening Contractors?

When county governments came into place, many people rejoiced and contractors were no exception bearing in mind now that they could access jobs previously reserved for a few holy cows. And for sure, this came into surplus when Vihiga county made feeder roads construction one of their maiden project. Different contractors were engaged to construct feeder roads spread across the 25 wards that make up Vihiga County.

As one of the pre-conditions, contractors were requested to finance the projects and ones complete, they were to be paid their dues. This is basically the new form of working under a PPP structure that ensures that contractors actually deliver before being paid. Hence no contractor objected to the same but rather went ahead to finance the projects based on the BQS that had been served expecting to harvest their returns ones works were completed.

But as soon as the works were completed, the drama started. The county government had no funds to settle this which had sky rocketed the debts to over 2.5 billion. Many questions were raised and as usual explanations given. At some point, the governor even called in the EACC personnel to calm the situation.

And as one would expect, the administration did not go to bed but rather have been burning the mid-night oil on how to pull out of this mess. But finally they seem to have found a way out which involves summoning individual contractors to the governor’s office and issuing threats for them to accept less than what they actually did spend on the projects. A case scenario is where one is forced to accept 2 million instead of 5 million failure to which they are told they will be handed to the EACC commission for what only God knows.

They are counting their blessings as the governor escaped the senate grilling before this exercise was finalized.

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