Irony of Ranguma Financially Supporting ‘Churchill Show’ And Neglecting Local Talent

Relationship between the County Government of Kisumu and Kisumu County artists is steadily degenerating from bad to worse if not ugly.

Just few hours after holding a fruitless meeting with Governor Ranguma, the artists under the umbrella Kisumu Artist Association (KAA) have now come to realize that the county government is financially supporting “Churchill Show” to be held on 13th May at the Tom Mboya Labour College.

Bovince Ochieng, a Kisumu based artist, is wondering how Kisumu artists will benefit from Churchill Show yet none of them has been incorporated in the event.

However, Aboxan Aila, a Kisumu based comedian will be the one to curtain raise for Churchill.

The artists who have already planned a major demonstration on 11th May, are now calling on the County Government of Kisumu, led by Ranguma to show commitment to talent development in the county.

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