I’m A Perfect Blend Of Both Sexy And Classy, Mercy Nyerere

If you are a normal man, you probably have liked or ogled at least one of her many photos on social media. Well, if you have never done so, #TeamMafisi has been representing you to the maximum. On a bad day, any photo upload on Facebook gets her at least 1k likes and over 2k in a normal day.

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with 26 year old Mercy Nyerere. She revealed to us her personal life, passion for her work and also gave us very important health advice.

Who is Mercy and what does she do?

I am a gorgeous,intelligent and humble lady working as a pharmacist in Kajiado County. I was born and bred in Kisumu County, went to Kisumu Girls High School before proceeding to Kenya Medical Training  College in Nyeri where I undertook studies in pharmacy.


There has been an outcry over fake medicine flooding the Kenyan market.  Is this true according to you?

Yeah true. Normally it’s advisable to buy original drugs since fake medicine is usually packaged as as generic. If someone buys a generic drug, he/she has increased the chances of having purchased a fake product compared to a personal who buys and original drug.

Which type of drugs are bought most at your workplace?

Painkillers are the quick moving drugs in any pharmacy but antibiotics are mostly abused. Kenyans should be educated on the dangers of taking antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. Condoms are also fast moving although I rarely see women buying them, just men.

What’s your take on herbal medicine?

I wouldn’t advice on them

What’s the best health advice you would give someone out there?

Every individual needs to go for medical check up at least twice a year


Outside of work, what do you do in your free time?

I love good music. You’ll probably find me listening to some nice soothing rhumba music. I love traveling and exploring new places too. When indoors, I facebook a lot. Actually Facebook is my greatest addiction.

Do you consider yourself sexy or classy?

I’m a blend of both sexy and classy.

You are definitely a very beautiful lady.Who is the lucky guy?

Pass ?? That’s private and confidential

What is that one thing that men which can instantly make you angry?

Lying. I hate lies.


What is one thing that you would change about yourself?

My weight. I always think of reducing it though most people tell me not to even think about it.

Which is your biggest fear?


Who’s your role model?

Michelle Obama

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