“House of Mayom” founder lets us into his journey in the fashion industry

Kevin Omondi is the CEO and founder of House of Mayom, a household name in Kisumu’s fashion industry. At only 23 years, Kevin is a professional photographer and online events marketer. He is a student at Jaramogi University, Kisumu learning center, pursuing community health and development.

Kevin’s journey started way back in 2012. Back then, he was a young and very shy lad and also new in the fashion industry. He was very passionate in his pursuit to be a top model in Kisumu. After going through the hustles that come with being a model i.e. going for auditions, ushering in events, showcasing etc, he felt the heat and decided to get out of the kitchen. That is when Kevin shifted to photography.

“I did not just wake up one day and decide to be a photographer, no”, explains Kevin. He had first hand orientation from Zack Ochieng, a friend and mentor. Kevin spent many months by Zack’s side acquiring the necessary skills needed to be a professional photographer. After working together, he decided to pursue a solo photography career. Apart from Zack, Kevin’s inspiration also came from Ojwok Photography and Nic Junior.

House of Mayom

With the love of fashion then came “House of Mayom” which he formed in early 2015. “People regard House of Mayom as a photography thing but there is a lot about it. House of Mayom signs and manages models, has its own designer and stylist and lastly, a photographer” explains Kevin

As a photographer, he has worked with big names in Kisumu such as Xpat Mkwanja, Kish Roberts, Sayn Alex of Locraic Entertainment, Mc Tall, Tonny Isambix (Mr JOOUST), Elvis of Illest Trends Design, Alfred Odipo Boss nation and Brian Were. Kevin has also done Lakeside street photo shoot, Jungle /nature shoot at Dunga, Wigot photo shoot and also at red carpet events.

House of Mayom5  House of Mayom7

Kevin hopes to change the perceptions of events organizers and other clients and make them value and respect the work of photographers. He adds that photography is very expensive and shouldn’t be taken for granted. He also requests other artistes and stakeholders to embrace photography. According to Kevin, some clients don’t pay and that’s a norm in Kisumu “wasanii wanachezwa.”Other challenges include very expensive photography equipment and insecurity.

Kevin disses the uneducated Kisumu artistes telling them “wasanii waendee shule for Kisumu’s entertainment industry to grow.”


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