Homa Bay man shakes God’s hand, says hi to Jesus, 3 times

A man in Bala village Katondo Sub location in Homa Bay County claims to have seen talked to and even shook hands with “God” and “Jesus Christ” three times. Japheth Abuor Atondo, a 36 year old father of two says that God and Jesus Christ have appeared to him where Jesus divulged his second coming.

Abuor remembers that he first saw God, who appeared to him in the form of a bright light, when he was just a 10 year old boy . At that time, he was a staunch member of the Roho Israel Church.

“One day on my way to church, I saw someone standing in front of me. He was very bright. I tried to great him with my hands but could not because of the bright light. I had just been baptized the previous day,” said Abuor.

After the incident, he felt weak and could not walk making him sit down to relax. Japheth found himself spending several several hours relaxing before proceeding with his journey.

When he got older, Japheth took a diploma course in community heath and development but unfortunately got no employment opportunity making him to become a matatu driver.

The second time Japheth saw God was in 2010 while living in Manyatta, Kisumu County.

The light appeared to him and the two conversed for 10 minutes after which he became confused and had to rest for a while

“Whenever the light appears to me I get tired and unable to see properly. I therefore rest for sometime before continuing with what I was doing,” said Abuor.

He intimates that this time round, the light told him Jesus would come after two powerful world leaders visit Kenya.

“I interpreted the message to be the visit of the head of thee catholic church, Pope Francis and the US president Barack Obama,” said Abuor.

His interactions with Jesus has led to him to losing friends relatives and even his wife.

“My landlord increased the rent to my house forcing me to move out. My close friends said that I was being tormented before departing, same to my wife, he explained

Abuor claims to have met Jesus in his house early January 2016 . At that time, he was supervising the construction of his house.

“When  I was about to pay the workers, a light appeared to me, and once more I saw Christ Jesus. He held my hand and we went to my bedroom for a chat. Jesus told me that he wanted the message of God to be preached all over the world. He also told me that there are so many righteous people in the world and would therefore wait a little bit longer before coming back,” said Abuor.

The workers who were waiting for their wages took to their heels claiming Abuor was possessed with evil spirits.

Japheth Abuor pointing to the room he had a chat with
Japheth Abuor pointing to the room he had a chat with Jesus

“I wrote letters to the governor, senator, women representative, county commissioner, members of the county assembly and the area chief seeking an appointment to pass Jesus’ message but non was replied,” said Abuor.

Japheth is now a worried man fearing God’s wrath since he has not been able to deliver Jesus’ message.

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