Governor Ranguma pulls another first

One of the main reason we voted in a new constitution was the need for resources to be devolved down to the counties so that wananchi could benefit more and have a greater say in the use of government resources through public participation.

It is with this view in mind that Governor Jack Ranguma saw it best to award 210 needy and bright students in our county full secondary school scholarship to the tune of 22 Million shillings to secure the education of this children and safeguard their future and the future of those who will eventually depend on them in future. 

Governor Jack Ranguma therefore, becomes the first Governor in Kenya to award such a massive number of students full scholarship for their Secondary education under the new system of devolution.
This has been in addition to the 70 Million shillings awarded as bursary to students in Secondary school, tertiary colleges, polytechnics, Universities both public and private, driving schools etc.

The people of Kisumu county definitely have a greater reason to be happy with their pro-active, development oriented Governor whose development projects resonates with the needs and desires of the people of Kisumu County. The people of Kisumu county have a greater benefit from the County government as tax payers under the leadership of Governor Jack Ranguma.

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