Faith Nduta Wins 2016 Kisumu Miss Bum Bum Competition

This year’s  Miss Bum Bum competition was for the second year in a row held at Club Da Place in Kisumu. Kisumu being the booty headquarters, the competition was expected to be very tight.

After a fun filled night of ladies swinging their big behinds trying to outdo each other, the judges were impressed by one Faith Nduta Njuguna.  She was crowned Miss Bum Bum and walked away with Sh100,000 cash prize .

Faith Nduta showing off her curves
Faith Nduta showing off her curves

Faith a professional media personality who once worked for NTV before moving to the then Prime Minister’s office beat the odds, traveling to Kisumu to compete in an event she knew nothing about only to emerge as a clear winner.

Faith Nduta

The new Miss Bum Bum crown holder is also a plus size fashion model who recently returned to the country after losing her job in Doha, Qatar, narrated.

“I got a call from this guy who said we had met during a previous commercial shoot and he told me that he thought I should give the Miss Bum Bum event a try. It was 9am and this was me in Nairobi being told to go to Kisumu for an event that was to happen the same day, an event I knew nothing about,”


“I decided to give it a trial and took the road to Kisumu hoping I would make something out of it while still consoling myself that I had nothing to lose. By the time I was getting to Kisumu, evening had come and the event was almost starting. Still, I was fatigued and worn out and I didn’t see myself pulling it off,” she recalled.


But by the end of the night she was the title holder of Miss Bum Bum 2016 Kisumu edition.

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