Expect something big!! Exclusive behind the scenes at “The world is mine” video shoot

You know him, you’ve heard him sing, you love his dance moves, you can’t get enough of his new single “The world is mine.” Well, ladies and gentlemen Kish Roberts is back, bigger and better.

We have exclusive behind the scenes photos of the video shoot of his new single. I can assure you, this video will get you excited. It’s everything different, more than you can ever imagine.

The video shoot is being done by Genre Shoots, owned by a Canadian Director who is currently in Kenya. The video shoot took place in the wee hours of the night (1 to 5 am) in exclusive locations in Kisumu City.

In the video, expect nothing but perfection in the dance choreography by Yawa Dancers, guest appearances by Barbara Cynthia, Ibrahim Oiro and two other big names.

Keep it KenyaWest.co.ke for the trailer, coming out very soon

This video will definitely put Kisumu and particularly Kish Roberts at the top of the Kenyan music pyramid.

Move over coz “The world is mine” by Kish Roberts is taking over

Here is a sneak peek of what to expect

The world is mine


The world is mine The world is mine2

The world is mine3 The world is mine4

The world is mine10

The world is mine6 The world is mine6 The world is mine5

The world is mine13

The world is mine11

The world is mine12

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