Evelyne to initiate women empowerment projects in Busia County

After successfully representing Busia County in the Miss World Kenya beauty pageant, Evelyne Adongo is not sitting pretty. She has hit the ground running initiating and conducting hygiene and women empowerment projects in Busia.

“Right now I’m working on providing dignity kits to girls aged between  8 and 17 years. This will ensure that all the adolescent girls are able to go to school without any hindrances,” said Evelyne.

She added that she is also working on a hand-washing campaign in schools in Busia County to be launched sometime in February. She targets primary school kids as the project aims to ensure reduction of rectal to mouth transmission, common in school going kids.

Her major partner and sponsor for the two projects is the county government of Busia but she is still working on bringing other sponsors on board.

Evelyne further explained that she would be soon initiating a women empowerment programme through agriculture.

“Women at the most local level in Busia will be encouraged to engage in sustainable agriculture such as poultry keeping, growing of indigenous vegetables for profit. This will ensure women are economically empowered and are also able to put food on their table,” concluded Evelyene

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