Epitome Models and other well-wishers conduct a clean up exercise in Kilifi

Kilifi County has faced a myriad of problems over the years. Kilifi is exposed to effects of urbanization alongside environmental hazards such as pollution and poor waste disposal; pollution as real threats cannot be understated.

It is for this reason that Epitome Models Kilifi, Hotel Titanic Kilifi and the Tafkam Events Organizers were gathered at Kibaoni, Kilifi county on 2nd April 2016 ready to clean the streets. According to Mr. Kelly Banda, from the Epitome models Kilifi, the initiative was part of Clean Up the World, a movement that began in Australia. The specific theme of the day was “Our Kilifi, Our Environment, Our Responsibility”.

Adorned in shirts bearing the organizers name with epitome logo, all volunteers gathered at Kibaoni ready for flag- off by the Kilifi county chief officer for Health and sanitation, Dr.Malingi who congratulated the epitome team for their efforts. Due to the large size of the county, the clean up only saw areas along Kibaoni, charo wa mae road, Kilifi market and Kilifi bus park areas cleaned.

All participants were thereafter treated to a delicious lunch at Hotel titanic for taking part in the clean up exercise.

It was a very satisfying experience for the Epitome models Kilifi to take part in a noble cause for the environment to save Kilifi.

“We are happy to take part in clean-up events and do our bit for the environment. We see it as a way of putting something back into the community. It also keeps our streets and looking good” said Kelly Banda, Epitome Models Kilifi leader.

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