Cyprian Awiti Badly Exposed In A War Of Words As Homa Bay Gubernatorial Race Hots Up

Political tension is rising in Homa Bay county as the incumbent Governor now threatens to sue his main rival over defamation. Governor Cyprian Awiti intends to sue Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga, who is eyeing Homa Bay gubernatorial post, for allegedly implicating his administration in corruption.

Awiti together with his Deputy Hamilton Orata accused Magwanga of obtaining falsified documents to discredit their administration as the county prepares for elections next year. The County chief said the latest independent survey conducted by Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) revealed that Homa Bay was not among the corrupt counties.

“EACC is the only institution in Kenya legally mandated to declare somebody corrupt yet in its latest report, there is no mention of corruption in Homa Bay county. How can somebody complain that my leadership is corrupt?,” asked  Awiti.

He said whoever was still complaining that there was corruption in his government was motivated by malice. Speaking at Omiro dispensary in Kabondo Kasipul constituency where he issued  land title deeds to the locals,   the Governor said he will sue Magwanga and anybody else who peddles falsehoods about his government.

“Magwanga is not an EACC official hence he must stop peddling rumours about corruption in my government. I am going to sue for him to face the consequences of his behavior,” said the Governor.

He challenged Magwanga to go to court if he feels he has substantial evidence to implicate him in the scam allegations. Orata accused Magwanga of furnishing the locals with falsified financial documents accusing their government of misappropriating millions of shillings.

“There is no reason why somebody should collect many papers to discredit our leadership. Let him base his campaigns on policies of what he can do to the people of Homa Bay rather than peddling rumours which have no basis,” said Orata.

Orata who set the debate said they will not allow anybody to discredit their government using propaganda. However, Magwanga dared Awiti to sue him. He said that he had credible evidence showing that Awiti’s Government misappropriated public funds.

“I don’t have any personal differences with Awiti but the manner his administration spends public money on projects which do not change lives of the people. Let him go to court so that we meet there,” said Magawanga.

Magwanga argued that he had documents which Awiti are indicating how financial embezzlement had occurred in the county.

“Let nobody cheat the public that I have fake documents. The documents I have were compiled by Awiti’s administration and clearly show misappropriation of public funds happened,” added the MP.

He called on the Governor to enhance accountability in his leadership. Magwanga said he will not stop disseminating crucial information to Homa Bay residents especially on how Awiti’s Government is doing little to improve the economy of the county.

The bickering has been ignited by the gubernatorial race which has attracted four candidates including Awiti, Magwanga, businessman Sammy Wakiaga, Management consultant Enosh Bolo and Cosmas Kanyadudi.

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