Crew Prolifik, young and energetic event organizers

Crew Prolifik, founded by Brian were in 2015, is made up of 5 young and vibrant individuals based in Kisumu. The crew whose mission is to serve the best of entertainment to their clients has of late been organizing social events in and around Kisumu notably hangout Fridays, red white, kisumu sexiest party, kisumu_untamed party and colour festival.

With only a few months in existence, Crew Prolifik are planning to take Kisumu’s entertainment industry to a whole new level with the mission of being the best entertainment company in East and Central Africa.

Here are the members of Crew Prolifik

Brian Were

Brian Were is the CEO Kassique Modeling Agency. He is also an event organizer and marketer. He is among the top 10 models in Kisumu. Instagram (@werebrian6) Twitter (@werebrian5)

Sheila Lulu

Sheila Lulu is one of if not the youngest MC and actress in Kisumu, the only lady in Crew Prolifik. Instagram (@kinglulu_)

Derrick Lace

Derrick Lace is an upcoming event organizer. He is the brains behind KisumuSexiest. Twitter (@lacejinakubwa)

Veville Eddy

Neville Eddy is an 18 year old online marketer and an upcoming event organizer. He is behind Kisumu_Untamed. Twitter (@NevilleEddy3) Instagram (@Neville_Eddy)

Brian Nyakwamba

Brian Nyakwamba was a political science student at University of Nairobi. He is currently taking a course in international relations and diplomacy at Kenyatta University. He is an events organizer and CEO of HD sound entertainment.

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