Cate Cruz, Maseno University’s Miss Bootylicious

Who is Cate Cruz?
Cate Cruz is officially known as Catherine Kerubo Omari

Are you a student?
Yes I am. I’m a student at Maseno University taking a course in Environmental Science with I.T. I’m in my 3rd year

Who’s your role model in life?
My dad is my role model. He has taught me so much in life and how to overcome the many challenges one faces

Cate Cruz2              

What form of art do you do?
I’m a dancer. A very good one. Infact I’m the best around.

Are you a professional dancer or just doing it as a hobby?
It started as a hobby but I think the level I’m in, it’s now professional. I usually participate in some dancing competitions. I am the current Miss Bootylicious Maseno

Which major dancing events have you participated in?
I have participated in many competitions within the university and also in Kisumu town. The major event was Miss Bum Bum East Africa which took place at Club Da Place in Kisumu. Judge Ian of TPF was the co-judge of the event which was well attended.

Did you win the Miss Bum Bum competition or there were people with bigger booty?
I did the curtain raising so I wasn’t ranked. But I could have definitely won if I participated as a contestant. I have always come tops in most events I have participated including the Miss Bootylicious in Maseno University 2015/2016

Cate Cruz1

Will you take dancing as a profession after campus?
Dancing will definitely be my side hustle after university

Do you do bookings for dancing?
Yea. Of course. Someone can book me for a dance

Do you have any advice to an aspiring dancer?
To any upcoming dancer especially wenye booty kubwa to use their assets well and gain some income

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